The Amazing Spider-Man

by clementinepumpernickel

Many fans are upset about Spider-Man being rebooted. I’m not one of them, for the following reasons: 1) Spider-Man III was pretty unwatchable; 2) Spider Man II has not aged well, and has some great set pieces, but lots of cringworthy scenes (Kirsten Dunst having a stroke whilst insisting that Tobey Macguire kiss her being one of them); 3) Tobey Macguire looks about 45 in these movies, and spends a large proportion of them blubbering, looking –to me– as if he were a seal post-clubbing; 4)whenever Kirsten Dunst tries to look beguiling, she just looks like Billy Corgan on vallium, with a red wig on.

Thus, I’m willing to hold judgement on the new movie, due 2012:

This is a great re-cutting of the best Raimi Spider-Man clips to the theme song of the sixties cartoon:

And the Japanese version to the same iconic theme music:

This is the live-action Spider-Man I grew up with in the early eighties, and whilst the special effects are shockingly bad, the stuntman had minerals, being suspended of a single rope as he climbed up and down sky-scrapers (sometimes going down them head first):

I have a post on Wes Anderson parodies coming up, but this was too cute not to include: