Star Wars Rip Offs

by clementinepumpernickel

Frank Herbert, author of Dune, once joked that he was going set up a club offering membership to every author or film maker who was ripped off by George Lucas. Other film-makers have followed in-turn, cheerfully pillaging the empire that Lucas built:

The Turkish Star Wars:

Apparently, this Canadian film was ‘based’ on an HG Wells novel:

Although some people disagree, The Humanoid is an Italian movie that looks an awful lot like Star Wars:

Message From Space was a Japanese effort from the late 70s:

The Black Hole was a weird movie, combining a Star Wars aesthetic with a 2001-like ending that featured a trip through hell(!), and all of this from a Disney movie:

Of course, this blog entry would not be complete without a reference to Glen A. Larson’s television shows, which were not not influenced by Star Wars at all, no-sir (although Galactica does seem to switch out George Lucas’s New Age hokey religion for Larson’s Mormon theology and Chariot’s of the Gods pseudo-theories):

The Italians produced another classic in Starcrash:

Not to be out done, Roger Corman produced his own Star Wars knock-off, fittingly scored by James Horner, who is also known for recycling his creative output from movie to movie:

This animated adventure was pretty blatant about wearing its influences on its sleeves, but actually looks like it was pretty expensive to make:

X-Bomber was a japanese puppet show imported to the West in the early eighties, but to the Star Wars mix added fuck-off massive combining robots:

The Last Starfighter switched out ‘lonely farmboy living on a desert planet longing for intergalactic adventure’ for ‘lonely trailer-trash playing arcade games and longing for intergalactic adventure’. This was the first movie I remember seeing that really tried to push computer graphics, and I remember being pretty blown away by this: