The Real Kick Ass: Phoenix Jones

by clementinepumpernickel

This guy is, in proper Scottish parlance, a fucking radge:

Just to clarify, I would strongly discourage anyone from putting on a costume and acting as a vigilante, and it’s probably only a matter of time before one of these real-life ‘superheroes’ ends up a dead superhero. That being said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to getting some sort of weird and very disconcerting rush from watching this:

He’s popped up before:

And here’s Phoenix Jones recounting how he got himself a broken nose:

I hope he’s not like this dude, who has kids:

UPDATE (14th October 2011): Turns out Phoenix does have kids, and his real name is one Benjamin John Francis Fodor. He recently unmasked himself to the media after a court appearance, and I note that he has a cauliflower ear, meaning that he probably has combat experience of some kind, whether wrestling, boxing, or MMA. There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether or not Mr Fodor piled into a innocent bunch of cherubs and started pepper spraying the shit out of them, although his team/camera crew maintain that he did break up a fight.

My nerd brethern over at bleedingcool are divided on Phoenix Jones, although some Seattle residents have chimed in to say that Seattle’s finest have a less than sterling reputation. For example dbw8906 states:

I usually hear comments like yours from people who live in monochrome neighborhoods where mommy and daddy buy you a car for your sweet 16 and pay for your college education. The closest most people like that come to crime is watching back to back episodes of law and order. Ever been mugged in broad daylight? I have. Then when the cops come 3 hours after you report it only for them to say “well dem da brakes” and 911 is a joke in my town. It’s real out there these days, real bad. Maybe if people like Phoenix Jones would have put their foot down and stood up for their neighborhoods a long time ago it wouldn’t have gotten this bad, but we fell into the trap of “well just let the police handle it”. These are our towns and our streets, the belong to the people and it’s high time we took them back from crime. If more people where involved in block watches, the guardian angels, or citizen protection groups it wouldn’t be this bad. No its not it always safe to do these types of things, but if your neighborhood isn’t worth it then don’t bitch about the crime.

Now, the pollyana-ish lefty-liberal in me wants to respond by saying that a political grass-roots movement is the way to go instead of costumed vigilantism, but I do agree that it seemed to take the police an awful long time to show up in the video above.

Head over to KiroTV for video footage of Mr Fodor’s unmasking.