The Return of Darth Maul

by clementinepumpernickel

George Lucas has decided that he was wrong to kill of Darth Maul, and so the Clone Wars team have been charged with the task of bringing him back:

Weirdly, this is despite the fact that Darth Maul’s brother, the snappily titled ‘Savage Oppress’ (I can just hear the vicar baptising him as a baby “…in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I baptise you Savage Oppress”), popped up in Season 3 of the Clone Wars:

I’ve been watching some of the Clone Wars with my daughter, and it’s been pretty fun, if forgettable. Still, I think I preferred the quirky 2-D animated version:

UPDATE (14/10/2011): and, the plot thickens. Brendon over at Bleeding Cool points out (of course) that The Phantom Menace is getting re-released in 3D early next year. And what better way to get people into cinemas than to have the kiddies seeing the cinema trailer in the commercial break of the Clone Wars?

The poster for it is below, and it is a vapid photoshop turburger:

Compare it to Struzan’s original theatrical poster:

In Russia, they’re really playing up the fact that they’ve replaced the retrograde Phantom Menace Yoda puppet with a CGI model that extracts your soul via its demonic eyes. Don’t make eye-contact!

The new Phantom Menace poster is not much worse than the Blu Ray cover, which looks like it was painted by a fifteen year old in High School:

Before Drew Struzan had his Revenge of the Sith poster mangled by a ‘suit’ armed with photoshop, he was producing posters like the following masterpieces. It’s sort of ironic, because he seemed to pioneer the ‘floating heads’ montage that has become so beloved of marketing departments, who have been happy to slap on photo-montage approximations of Struzan’s paintings on to Star Wars cases for the last decade…