Tintin: Exquisite Delights Made By Cinematic Super-Group, or Too Many CGI Cooks Spoiling the Broth?

by clementinepumpernickel

CHUD has a helpful compilation of the early-bird reviews of Tintin that cover a broad spectrum of cinematically-informed opinions, from the knuckle-dragging efforts of certain neanderthal movie ‘critics’ through to some more thoughtful voices.

I’m not sold on this by the trailers alone, even though it’s got Peter Jackson and Spielberg and Edgar (Spaced/Scott Pilgrim) Wright and Joe (Attack of the Block) Cornish writing it, a plethora of talent more akin to one of the fantasy-movie-making teams scribbled in my notebooks than in reality (and to add to that, The Avengers— a movie I would never in a million years have imagined coming together– pinch me now). The whole Tintin-sliding-down-the-cable-with-part-of-the-bike brought back memories of the fourth Indiana Jones movie, in the sense that I wondered if it all seemed like it is trying just a little too hard. (Still, no Shia Labeouf!) And the mo-cap still looks a little soulless, but perhaps it needs to be seen in a movie theatre, in the way that the Hulk did in his recent cinematic incarnations.

The AVClub featured this in one of their columns, arguing that this should just be used for the opening credits. I agree; it’s wonderful:

Perhaps though, no Tintin movie would live up to the promise of Murray Groat’s Herge/Lovecraft mash-up: