Movie Trailer: Chronicle

by clementinepumpernickel

This trailer is intriguing: it’s a found-footage super-hero effort, with a bit of an Akira vibe. (I’m being positive and posting this instead of focussing on the freshly green-lit Akira movie being made for only 90 mil and starring that meat-unit — what’s-his-name Hedlund — from Tron Legacy.)

Akira was a bonkers movie that looked incredibly stylish but — for me — didn’t hang together at all, which is probably because they adapted several thousand pages of manga into a movie that’s only a couple of hours long. That being said, from my (admittedly rather Western/philistine and ignorant-of-anime) perspective, Akira was such a kaleidoscope of a movie, with such a unique flavour, that this remake sounds like a hideously bad idea. Maybe they could get Hayden Christensen as Tetsuo? I hear he’s a pretty cheap actor to hire these days.