The Amazing Theatrical Range of Arnold Schwarzenegger

by clementinepumpernickel

The above photograph was taken on the set of The Expendables 2, which I believe is Arnie’s first foray back into acting after taking two seconds off his thespian craft to reflect on the remorse he felt after being kicked to the curb by Maria. Yup, I can tell from looking at the above photo that Arnie is full of regrets, as he gets his bromance back on with Sly and Bruce.

In honour of his return to simulated violence, I present three videos made by the fans, for the fans, of the Austrian Oak. Arnie has quite a set of vocal chords on him, as well as the ubermensch physique and winning ways:

And this has to be my favourite of the parody musicals that have popped up online:

Finally, Arnie goes Darth (I particularly like his ‘fuck you’ at the end of conversations):