John Carter: Stunningly Mediocre?

by clementinepumpernickel

Sheesh. I really don’t know what to make of this. I’ve heard from a couple of places that this movie is awesome and has tested very highly, but I’m not sold on it, at all. It seems very derivative of other films, the CGI creatures have a pre-Phantom Menace quality to them (as if they are missing a final layer of rendering), the design work leaves me a little cold, and Mars seems to look a lot like several deserts in the USA. (If only they had been inspired by Robinson Crusoe on Mars.)

I really hope this film is good, but if I was a Disney exec, I’d be starting to sweat, as the reaction online seems to have been pretty negative. The question is: will the non-nerd audience be wowed by this? My suspicion is no.

That being said, the poster design has really stepped up a notch, and these posters are much better than the usual floating head bullshit. Check them out: