Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld

by clementinepumpernickel

This is genius, a video (posted below) of Stan Lee challenging Todd and Rob to create ‘overkill’ in 1992. Rob and Todd duly oblige in a way that only the founding-fathers of Image could, but boy, does Stan get some blinders in:

To Rob Liefeld
“A Rob Liefeld superhero without shoulder pads is naked”

On the process of getting Todd and Rob to create the character:
“This is great, you do all the work and I take all the credit.”
(Uh… I wonder how the Kirby estate would feel about that little comment. Is it any wonder that the character had a name change to Overtkill in his later appearance in Image comics?)

To Todd (only a couple of years after he left Spider-Man, and Marvel, somewhat acrimoniously, to form Image):
“Why don’t you throw some webs in there?” (Todd demures.)

To Todd and Rob:
“We only have a couple of minutes left. Time to draw some feet.”
(Rob proceeds to draw what looks like high heels, as he famously has problems drawing feet.)

There are so many quotes in here that are an absolute treasure trove (and cringing all at the same time), but I’ll let the masters teach us in their own words: