17th Precinct and Global Frequency: Pilots That Have Not Been Made Into Shows

by clementinepumpernickel

UPDATED: sorry folks, the video of 17th Precinct is gone.

17th Precinct was Ron (DS9/Galactica/Caprica) Moore’s high concept ‘what if we crossed Harry Potter with NYPD Blue‘ show: it wasn’t picked up by the network who already have the not dissimilar Brothers Grimm on air. Apparently, the pilot is very good, but you can judge for yourself, because it has been posted on vimeo.

It joins other ‘what-could-have-been’ pilots, including Global Frequency:

Apparently the small screen adaptation of Bendis’s Powers is in trouble; it may yet join this list:

Promo Shots: All We Will See Of Powers?

If only someone would post the Locke and Key pilot…

Still, at least David Kelley’s Wonder Woman abortion got cancelled, and all we got to see is the odd clip or two: