Rich Johnson was right: Watchmen 2 is a GO

by clementinepumpernickel

When Rich started posting about this, he was met with a lot of scepticism and/or outright hostility about how likely a Watchmen sequel was. But he stuck to his guns, even falling foul of DC’s legal department in the process.

Tonight, in geek circles, there is only one story, and that’s the official announcement of the Watchmen prequels by DC. What you are smelling is the mountains of shit flying through the air: the shit-storm has begun.

I’m agnostic about this, and can’t really work up a lot of emotion one way or another. With the one exception of JMS, there is a lot of talent attached to this, and below are my favourite covers for the Watchmen project, but you should really click on over to Rich Johnson’s Bleedingcool for the full story:

Ty Templeton analyses the situation with his usual acidic wit:

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Finally, Lance Parkin has a great article on this: