The New JUDGE DREDD Movie: I Have A Bad Feeling About This

by clementinepumpernickel

There’s been persistent rumours that the new low budget Judge Dredd movie, shot in South Africa, is in trouble. I really hope not, as the character can be quite fun — in a B-Movie sort of way — even if calling the ol’ fun face of fascism a ‘character’ is probably a stretch.

Bleeding Cool have linked to the following images, which if I’m being honest, have a bit of a Blake’s 7 vibe to them (i.e. they look pretty darn cheap). This could actually be a good thing, if the lack of a budget has freed up the creative team’s hands, and prevented script notes from studio exec’s dentists and hairstylists and so forth. I’m okay with Dredd’s costume, even if the helmet is too big and the body armour too pared back:

Anything would be better than Stallone’s shameful efforts:

Unlike many superhero costumes, I always thought that the Dredd costume translated pretty well to ‘real life’, and I think it’s pretty damning that a commercially available costume looks better than the two cinematic efforts to date: