Let He Who Has Not Sinned Cast The First Stone

by clementinepumpernickel

I am a corporate whore. I am a superhero junkie. I am weak, and culturally shallow, and part of the problem. I buy superhero movies made by corporations that screw their creators. I buy graphic novels by people who have talent that I am in awe off, and who yet see very little of the money I pay. I fuck them over, and despite the fact that I know the system is broken, I am not strong enough to opt out.

I want Marvel to treat Gary Friedrich with a little more leniency. I want Marvel to treat Kirby’s estate with respect, and recognise that even though his work was work-for-hire, and even though that legally Marvel was the creator and Kirby merely the puppet that carried out Marvel’s creation, he deserved better than what he got, something that can never be rectified, but that can mitigated by recognising that Marvel would not exist as it does today without his brush.

Above all, I want these corporations to be benevolent rather than psychotic; I want the suits to dig beyond all that surface-bullshit-spin that they use to justify their inhumane treatment of their idea-generators, I want them to step beyond the letter of the law and think about their ethical duty to their work-for-hire employees. I want them to do this, but as long as I buy their product, my wishes will go unheeded.

So, if you’re stronger than me, consider, if you will, joining James Sturm in boycotting The Avengers, and if you do, I admire you for it. Perhaps you are a truly moral human being, and if so, you may wish to join Steve Bissette in his boycott of all things Marvel. If you are, holy shit, I salute you.

If, like me, you need to return to the House of Ideas for your next fix, then we can be addicts together, drifting in the temporary hit of the first actual clip of The Amazing Spider-Man:

This follows on from the international trailer:

Now, there’s no new footage in this fan-made Avengers trailer, but boy, is this well edited:

Until our next hit, excelsior.