Superman: From Legalese, to Aesthetics

by clementinepumpernickel

20th Century Danny Boy has just released his second ebook (for free) detailing the legal fight over Supes. His blog is an absolute treasure trove, and the ebook can be found here:

Topless Robot have posted a pretty hilarious rundown of the many incarnations of the Superman origin story, which you can find here.

One absence which we could quibble over is Ryan Sook and Damon Lindoff’s short story which finds Jor El recruiting an engineer to build him a rocket ship to save his son, the catch being that the engineer has a daughter of his own that will perish in the destruction of Krypton. Maybe it’s because I’m a parent myself, but this story really upset me in a way that I haven’t been since reading Klaus Janson’s Batman Black and White entry, Good Evening Midnight, a decade ago. Sook posted the following pages to his website, but I would highly recommend you tracking this one down for yourself (it’s from Action Comics 900):

Whilst we’re on the subject of morose Superman, here’s the only bit of Superman Returns worth watching: