Scooby Doo Fan Art # 6: Velma

by clementinepumpernickel

This post follows on from alternative takes on the gang, cartoony takes on the gang, mash-ups of the gang, inter-gang team-ups/hook-ups, and art focussing on Shaggy, Daphne and Scooby. As always, nothing stronger than good-girl art will be featured here, so if you like tentacles and/or instruments of restraint shattering the innocence of the cartoon characters you grew up with, then you’d best move along, as there’s nothing to see here folks.

Oh, I’ve tried to credit artists where I’ve found them: if I’ve missed any out, please let me know.

Model Sheet

Art by 'Vixenated'

Art by Nick Swift

Art by Joel

Art by Mickken

Art by Adam Hughes

Art by Ines B.

Art by Angie Wang

Art by Juan Fleites

Art by Alex Owens

Art by Freddy Leal

Art by Chris Wahl

Art by RickCelis

Art by Gene Gonzales

Art by Philip Bond

Art by 'Qiqo'

Art by Evan "Doc" Shaner

Art by Limpfish

Art by Utilizator2